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You Don’t Need Socks to Write!

You Don't Need Socks to WriteOne morning, I was desperately trying to get my five year old to do his homework, and he, as usual, was coming up with every excuse he could think of, ending with “I need my socks on.”

“You don’t need socks to write!” I replied, chalking it down as yet another one of those sentences I never imagined I’d ever have to say to another human being. But it got me thinking, and, actually, it’s very good writing advice.

Some people wait for the perfect conditions to write. Whether that be an active muse, a quiet house, a private space, the right weather, the moon in their star sign, whatever their particulars are. I’ve done it myself. Put off writing because I didn’t feel right, or the house was noisy, or the table was messy.

The truth is, as with most things, there is no perfect time, and if you sit around waiting for this magical moment, you’ll never write a word. Sometimes, you just need to sit down (or perch somewhere, or stand, or whatever) and get some words out of you. They may not be perfect words, they may not be any good at all, but the more that come, the better they will get. Who was it who said you can’t edit a blank page?

So don’t fret over the particulars; don’t worry if the sun isn’t right, or your chair is a little uncomfortable, or your coffee is a little cold, just write. Get some words out. Wonderful, imperfect, foolish, misspelt words. And remember: you don’t need socks to write.

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10 thoughts on “You Don’t Need Socks to Write!”

  1. Epic advice–and I hear you! If I waited for perfect, I’d write about twice a year. LOL. Reaching a goal is about working when it’s inconvenient as well as when it’s convenient.

  2. I like it! And it’s true. I’ve caught myself doing this. Mine is time. I hate to sit down to write if I don’t feel like I have ample time (I procrastinate plenty of other things for that exact reason, too).

    1. I used to be like that, because it often took up to 30mins to settle into it. I don’t have that kind of luxury with two young boys in the house, so I’ve trained myself to make the most of the odd ten minutes here and there!

  3. Great advice. You definitely don’t need socks to write, but sometimes, maybe a small feet warmer helps. Or silence in the house. Or kids elsewhere. Some condition should be met before we could write.

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