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Toddler in a Hip Spica: Day 5 – Day 9

Standing up in a hip spica castDay 5

Today, I took my little boy into town for the first time with his broken leg. We strapped him into the buggy (despite his insistence that he wanted to walk), reclined him back, elevated his legs on the footrest and lifted them with a cushion. Because of the angle he had to sit at, his baseball hat didn’t shade his eyes from the sun, so he also wore a pair of his brother’s sunglasses.

I was worried about it rainin. I was worried about people bumping into his leg that extended out past the corner of the buggy. I didn’t want to go anywhere too busy. I was anxious.

About halfway there, it did start to rain again. Only lightly, but I had come prepared. I pulled my thick hooded jumper from under the buggy and laid it over his legs like a blanket. He loved it, and refused to take it off when we arrived in town. I wanted people to be able to see his cast, so that they would take care around him. But no, he had to have his ‘blanket’ on. I shouldn’t have worried so much. Of course, it all went without a hitch. No one bumped him, and he even got to eat some lunch in a cafe perched on Granny’s knee. He did ask to go to the playpark, but we managed to side-step the issue without too much fuss.

By the time we set off for home though, he was exhausted, and crying, and desperate for ‘Mummy hugs’. So I lifted him out and carried him. All the way home. About 20 minutes. It’s not even so much the weight, it’s the awkwardness, his inability to bend, the sharp angle of the top of the cast poking into my ribs, his repeated requests to be allowed to walk. But we did it. First trip into town done.

Day 6

He’s been standing up in his cast again. There’s just no stopping this child!

A buggy ride in a hip spicaDay 7

Went out for a walk with the boys today. We headed off to visit a community farm not far away, but, unfortunately, it was closed. But, a little further along the path, we did find a small conservation area, so we took a walk through the little woodland. So, we didn’t get to see the sheep, goats, and chickens, but we did eat blackberries and meet a wonderfully soft poodle called Saffron.

Day 8

Yesterday, the little one ate some incredibly chocolatey cupcakes. Today they repeated on him. Serious nappy explosion. They had warned me in the hospital that, by the time the cast came off, it was going to stink, that there was no getting away from that. I think it might happen way before that.

This poo had shot right up under the front of his cast, and up the back too. Good job. Took forever to clean and his cast is, of course, covered. The plaster technician gave us some replacement adhesive padding, so I’m going to have a go at changing that. Wish me luck.

Day 9

Not satisfied with standing up in his cast, today, he figured out how to get on and off the sofa, how to get off the bed, he stood up unsupported, and he’s been shuffling around the room holding onto the furniture. Seriously, does he even realise that he has a broken leg?

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    1. We really could; he’s been so inspiring through all this. I’m quickly coming to believe that the world would be a far better place if children were in charge!

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