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The Visionary (The World of The Paper Duchess)

The Visionary modelThe Visionary is the third book in The Paper Duchess series, and introduces Corinn; a powerful psychic who enjoys playing games with other people’s lives.

It begins up on Lynstock, the next terrace up from The Hope. Lynstock is quite different to Falside’s other terraces, and suffers from an increasing issue of over-population. Living on this terrace is the growing number of single men, and the lower class married couples and families.

Lynstock is home to most of the city’s industry and places of work, it is built up with tightly packed terrace houses and tall blocks of flats. It’s the activity hub of Falside, running 24-7, never sleeping. Even married women aren’t permitted to work, but there is one female profession that thrives here, and for the right price, the administration turns a blind eye. The oldest profession in the world; prostitution.

But the brothels on Lynstock aren’t like the dingy affairs on The Floor. On Lynstock, they’re gentlemen’s clubs; they’re classy, upmarket, and the slum girls that work there are clean, and well looked after, and very good at what they do.

Lynstock supports the polarity of the two traditional roles offered to women: mother, or whore.