The Memory Trader Series

The SmudgerThe Smudger

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It was tiring carrying other people’s memories. They got heavy, particularly the bad ones.

Kioto is a memory trader, hired to extract people’s unwanted memories. It’s a dangerous job, one that she was born into, and one that makes her an outcast.

When she stumbles upon a memory that casts doubt over everything she thought she knew, she’s forced to face the past she’s been running from. She doesn’t have long to discover the truth, and she soon learns that the unlikeliest of allies are the only people she can trust.

There’s tough choices to be made, and the price might just be their lives.


The SisterThe Sister

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“I know about wanting to be something, and the world forcing you to be something else.”

Lobaya is under attack, and government officials are being killed by an unseen force. The public turn their anger onto what they can see; the traders.

While staying ahead of the witch hunt and a government looking for a scapegoat, Kioto must discover and destroy the assassins, even if it means betraying her own people and putting those she loves in danger.

As Lobaya goes to war, Kioto must decide if family loyalties can cross enemy lines.