The Matching (The World of The Paper Duchess)

The Matching modelThe Matching is the second book in The Paper Duchess series and follows the story of Tale and Freda; two young women living under the control of the administration on The Hope.

Girls in Falside are removed from their families at the age of 16, and housed on The Hope; the terrace dedicated to unmarried women, where they are protected and trained for their futures as wives and mothers. Because that’s the only future they have; and it starts with an arranged marriage to a stranger. If they’re lucky, the man they are married to will be kind and treat them well, if they’re luckier still, they’ll give birth to a girl and be heralded a hero of Falside.

At birth, girls are fitted with an ID tracker in their wrist, allowing the administration to track their movements for the rest of their lives. Every doorway in Falside is fitted with a scanner, and the administration are alerted every time any woman passes through a doorway. There are places women are expected to be, and there are places that are forbidden to them. But, of course, there are other ways to enter a building than through the front door.

Filled with cafés and little shops, The Hope is perfectly designed for women, forbidden to work, to pass away idle time. And while the little bells on the shop doors might sound merry, life on The Hope is anything but.