Got Goals? Endings and Beginnings

Big Goals BloghopHello strangers! I completely missed last month’s post, but I have a very good excuse: it was my son’s 1st birthday. Such an important milestone. So I now have two months to catch up on.

So, The Visionary (The Paper Duchess Book 3) was published as an ebook at the end of February, and after a lot of fiddling and to-ing and fro-ing, I finally published the paperback version just yesterday. It’s so nice to be able to wave that book goodbye at last, and let it fend (mostly) for itself. Alongside its existing siblings of course. And, as every motivational poster tells us, endings always herald new beginnings. You know; doors opening and closing and all that.

So what is next? Well, a beginning and an ending, in a sense. I’m just about to start writing The Mothers (The Paper Duchess Book 4), and I’m so excited about wading into a brand new project. First drafts are my favourite bit. But The Mothers will also be the concluding book of the series. That’s actually a really sad thought. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to those characters, and that world.

But you know what? There’s those doors again, because I have got some other projects I’m really excited to get started on.

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She’s Out, and She’s Not Playing Nice…

It’s release day!

The Visionary“You’re just as weak minded as everyone else. Just as easy to control.”

After generations of freedom from the administration’s rule, the slum women find themselves facing a census. But as officers try to list and tag them, their efforts are met with violent resistance.

Maeve needs to keep Faith safe, and hidden, but she has another demon to battle. Powerful psychic Corinn, the girl nobody wants, is playing deadly games, and no one’s safe from her influence.

Maeve’s learning to fight back, but her powers aren’t the only thing being unlocked, and she doesn’t have long to decide who to trust.

You can continue the Paper Duchess series by buying your copy at Amazon, iTunes, Nook, and Kobo, and adding it on Goodreads.

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The Visionary Reviews

Got Goals? Third Time’s the Charm

Big Goals BloghopWell, February has been something of a whirlwind, and, thankfully, really, really productive.

The Visionary, the third book in my Paper Duchess series is all ready to go for its release on February 28th. It’s been a heck of a journey to get there, a journey that, at times, I didn’t think I would ever finish. But February came with a renewed determination, and it’s been absolutely fantastic.

So the series continues, and The Visionary is available at Amazon, iTunes, Nook, and Kobo. What a relief. Normally, I would take a well-deserved break now, but I have After‘s release on March 6th. Here we go again!

How’s your February been?

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Got Goals? Implementing Deadlines

Big Goals BloghopI’d love to say that January has been a big month of working hard, high word counts, and continuing progress. In actual fact, the first three weeks were filled with procrastination, avoidance, and constant excuses. This past week, on the other hand, has been amazing.

It took me a while, but I’ve definitely found my mojo.

The Visionary, the third book of my Paper Duchess series, is now available to preorder. I work well when I have a deadline, and imposing one has definitely spurred me on. And talking of deadlines, my story collection, After, is also on preorder.

I’ve also been busy with Instafreebie and other promos, with more scheduled next month, including the first one that I’m hosting, and my mailing list is a healthy 2,000+ now.

So I’m looking forward to a very productive and exciting February. Long may the momentum continue!

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Got Goals? 2016 Roundup

Big Goals BloghopSo here we are at the very end of 2016. For many reasons, this year has been momentous, and will certainly be remembered in the history books, although not always kindly.

On a personal level, it’s also been a year of big changes. There’s been the joyous birth of my second son, the sad loss of my last grandparent, the anxiety of sending my oldest son off to school, and the beginning of my weight loss journey which sees me triumphantly ending the year more than 3 stone lighter.

And when it comes to books, my Paper Duchess series continued with the release of The Matching, I also released my first non fiction book, How to Survive Working from Home with Preschool Children, and announced upcoming books The Memory Trader and After. I’ve also increased my mailing list from a mere handful, to more than 750 subscribers.

What didn’t happen, unfortunately, was the release of The Visionary, which I’ve had to delay. I could reel off a range of excuses, all of them valid, but they’re just excuses at the end of the day. If I delve deep, if I’m truly honest, I think I’m lacking focus. A focus I will regain in the new year.

And I have a plan. But, more about that tomorrow.

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Cover Reveal: The Visionary

The Visionary

The Visionary is the third book in The Paper Duchess series, and continues the story of Maeve and the struggles of the resistance in the dystopian and oppressive city of Falside.

The Visionary returns to the slums, to reconnect with Maeve and her much-changed life. With the resistance in tatters, everyone is busy fighting their own demons, and Maeve’s comes in the form of a young psychic named Corinn. Maeve finds herself fighting back with the only weapon she has, as she seeks to protect herself and her adopted daughter from enemies on all sides.

Designed and created by Ben Farrow, the cover features another of his unsettling miniatures which he builds and photographs himself.

You can view the making of videos for all of the series covers on my YouTube channel.