Got Goals? Ready to Go!

Big Goals BloghopSo much has already happened, and we’re not even a full month into 2018 yet. It’s definitely setting up to be a crazy busy year!

I’m currently on track with my goals for the year, with The Smudger already up for pre order on Amazon and other retailers, ready to release on 27th February. It’s still more than a month before its release, but it’s already garnered some fantastic reviews from early readers over on Goodreads. I’ve got some exciting plans to really boost its release, and it really feels like I know what I’m doing this time, like I’m not just fudging it as I go. I like that feeling.

The plotting is going well for book 2, although a little slower than I would like. But I’m just impatient to get started on writing it. These books, the characters, the world, I’m just so excited about them. I want to dive into the story again.

Today, three days earlier than I expected, I received the paperback proof of The Smudger, and it is a truly beautiful thing. It’s so sad that all the fonts get lost in the ebook, because the paperback is stunning both inside and out. That’s why I’m a lover of hard copies, of actual books. The spine and the back of the book are gorgeous too, and you lose it all with an electronic copy. So, all in all, January has turned out pretty great.

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The Smudger Paperback Proof

Paperback Proof of The Matching

The Matching Paperback ProofMy paperback proof of The Matching arrived today, and it looks fantastic.

Releasing a book is always an amazing experience, especially as I’ve been dreaming of becoming an author since my childhood, but a digital release doesn’t quite live up to holding an actual book in your hand.

I’m hoping to have the paperback checked and put on sale to coincide with the digital release on June 10th. So whether you love your electronic gadgets, or you’re more old school and enjoy the smell of a real book, you’ll be able to continue with the series in just a week’s time. I’ll see you there…

Insecure Writer’s Support Group: Into the Unknown

Insecure Writers Support GroupToday is October’s instalment of Insecure Writer’s Support Group, which sees hundreds of writers and bloggers worldwide discuss their own insecurities, support others with theirs, and offer advice for overcoming them. If you want to check out the other IWSG member blogs, or sign up yourself, you can do so here.

I have the money set aside to buy my first set of ISBN numbers; all ready for me to jump into producing my very first paperback. So what am I waiting for? The fear to subside. It’s all so unknown to me, and I feel like I need someone to hold my hand and walk me through the whole process.

I’ve got all the CreateSpace guides, I’ve asked people who have done it before me for advice, but I’m still teetering at the edge, too scared to actually jump.

What am I scared of? Failure? Success? Probably both.

My proposed timescale is pretty tight, so I really need to get moving on this. But I just can’t get my feet to step forward…

What’s got you feeling insecure this month?