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Book Reviewed by Mum Boss UK

How to Survive Working from Home with Preschool Children ReviewMy non-fiction book, How to Survive Working from Home with Preschool Children, has been reviewed by mumpreneur site Mum Boss UK.

She got it spot on, I did feel guilty when spending too much time behind my laptop, even though I knew I was doing it all for my children, I want them to be proud of me. So to hear the words that I don’t have to feel guilty and to get actual structure advice and tips was amazing!

I wrote this book because I found I was truly struggling to find the balance between working and growing my business, and my responsibilities as a mother and wife. I often found myself neglecting one or the other, and then sinking into guilt at doing so. The following day, I’d push the balance the other way, and there was that guilt again.

After reading this book I now have so many techniques that I am going to try…This book has allowed me to look past the things I didn’t do today and made me focus on the things I actually did do today

I spent a lot of time looking for advice on how to manage the work/life balance, only to find that all of the advice out there was written either by people with much older children, or seemingly without children at all! I couldn’t find anything specifically aimed at parents with preschoolers, and I can’t exactly tell my one year old to leave me in peace whenever I shut my office door!

I know I have taken away a lot from this book, but the most important point I will most certainly be using on a daily basic is that we as mums (and dads) can adapt, we can adapt to anything, we’re doing it everyday without even noticing!

You can read the full review on the Mum Boss UK website here, and you can pick up your own copy of my book on Amazon.

Blog Hop, Got Goals?

Got Goals? 2016 Roundup

Big Goals BloghopSo here we are at the very end of 2016. For many reasons, this year has been momentous, and will certainly be remembered in the history books, although not always kindly.

On a personal level, it’s also been a year of big changes. There’s been the joyous birth of my second son, the sad loss of my last grandparent, the anxiety of sending my oldest son off to school, and the beginning of my weight loss journey which sees me triumphantly ending the year more than 3 stone lighter.

And when it comes to books, my Paper Duchess series continued with the release of The Matching, I also released my first non fiction book, How to Survive Working from Home with Preschool Children, and announced upcoming books The Memory Trader and After. I’ve also increased my mailing list from a mere handful, to more than 750 subscribers.

What didn’t happen, unfortunately, was the release of The Visionary, which I’ve had to delay. I could reel off a range of excuses, all of them valid, but they’re just excuses at the end of the day. If I delve deep, if I’m truly honest, I think I’m lacking focus. A focus I will regain in the new year.

And I have a plan. But, more about that tomorrow.

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Blog Hop, Insecure Writer's Support Group

Insecure Writer’s Support Group: Marketing Books on Instagram

Insecure Writer's Support GroupToday is November’s instalment of Insecure Writer’s Support Group, which sees hundreds of writers and bloggers worldwide post about their insecurities, support others with theirs, and offer up advice for overcoming them. If you want to visit the other IWSG member blogs, or sign up yourself, you can do so here.

I’ve always avoided sites such as Instagram and Pinterest for book marketing. After all, those sites are all about pictures, and my books are all about words.

When I was a teenager, the only things I knew about the celebrities I liked was the answers to interviews in magazines. I couldn’t ask questions of my own, and the information was constrained by the limited imagination of teen journalism. Social media has changed all that. These days, we have an access, an insight we couldn’t have dreamed about before the Internet.

I’m still dubious as to how much potential readers actually care about my life, but since my 10 year old niece inspired me to reincarnate my abandoned Instagram account, I’ve got quite hooked, and had some good engagement too.

So what does a person who is all words post on a site which is all pictures? Of course, a lot will depend on your target audience.

Amongst the general pictures of my life (my work station, my children, places I go, and, yes, cats and food too. It’s just not Instagram without cats and food), I’ve been posting the usual book advertisements:

Because when there's preschoolers around none of the usual advice applies

But following some really good book blogs has inspired me to get a bit more creative, so I’ll be posting more images like this:

The Paper Duchess in autumn

I may be selling words, but people buy pictures.

If you’re interested in following me on Instagram, you can find me here. Do you use Instagram? What do you post? Include your Instagram username in your comment so we can find each other and share ideas.

Blog Hop, Got Goals?

Five Year Project: Staying Optimistic

Five Year Project: Do You Have Goals?Last month I reported fantastic progress on The Visionary. Well, this month, that progress has stalled. Quite a bit. Family commitments and other real life interruptions have made finding writing time incredibly difficult.

Still, whenever I have had a writing session, I’ve managed to crank out a good, solid wordcount. So I’m not panicking yet. I’m still confident I can achieve my planned December release.

Other than that, How to Survive Working From Home with Preschool Children was released on Monday, and The Bottle Stopper is entered into a big Instafreebie promotion next month, so I’m looking forward to seeing how that goes. I’ve not been using Instafreebie for long, so it’s been interesting to see the results so far.

Well, that’s pretty much it this month. How have you done with your writing goals in October?

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Blog Hop, Got Goals?

Five Year Project: Storming Along

Five Year Project: Do You Have Goals?Things have certainly turned around since last month’s post when not very much was happening at all.

Glimpse: A New World, an anthology which includes my short story Nothing is Sacred has been released, the Britain Looks to the Future science fiction boxset, which includes The Bottle Stopper, is available on pre order, as is my first non fiction book, How to Survive Working From Home with Preschool Children, and I’m racing along with my target wordcount on my WIP, The Visionary. So, yeah, September’s been pretty damn fantastic.

There have been some frustrating times when circumstance has left me with a couple of days of getting no words down at all, but when you have a young family, everything’s a process of compromise and give and take. But, all in all, I’m getting along really well, and my wordcount chart only recognises a couple of blips in my progress:

wordcount chart

The important thing is that I’ve always managed to get it back on track. It’s amazing how one month can be so different to the next.

How are you doing with your writing goals?

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