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Insecure Writer’s Support Group: Into the Unknown

Insecure Writers Support GroupToday is October’s instalment of Insecure Writer’s Support Group, which sees hundreds of writers and bloggers worldwide discuss their own insecurities, support others with theirs, and offer advice for overcoming them. If you want to check out the other IWSG member blogs, or sign up yourself, you can do so here.

I have the money set aside to buy my first set of ISBN numbers; all ready for me to jump into producing my very first paperback. So what am I waiting for? The fear to subside. It’s all so unknown to me, and I feel like I need someone to hold my hand and walk me through the whole process.

I’ve got all the CreateSpace guides, I’ve asked people who have done it before me for advice, but I’m still teetering at the edge, too scared to actually jump.

What am I scared of? Failure? Success? Probably both.

My proposed timescale is pretty tight, so I really need to get moving on this. But I just can’t get my feet to step forward…

What’s got you feeling insecure this month?