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Her Dark Voice

Her Dark Voice volume 2This July, the Her Dark Voice Vol 2 anthology will be unleashed.

A collection of horror shorts all penned by women, the anthology will be raising money for Breast Cancer Research.

The book will be launched at a special event as part of Edge Lit speculative fiction literary festival, held at The Quad in Derby on July 14th. The launch will include a number of readings by several of the book’s authors, and I will be reading from my story Rock-a-Bye.

Her Dark Voice Vol 2 is published by Quantum Corsets and edited by Theresa Derwin.


Cover Reveal: The Visionary

The Visionary

The Visionary is the third book in The Paper Duchess series, and continues the story of Maeve and the struggles of the resistance in the dystopian and oppressive city of Falside.

The Visionary returns to the slums, to reconnect with Maeve and her much-changed life. With the resistance in tatters, everyone is busy fighting their own demons, and Maeve’s comes in the form of a young psychic named Corinn. Maeve finds herself fighting back with the only weapon she has, as she seeks to protect herself and her adopted daughter from enemies on all sides.

Designed and created by Ben Farrow, the cover features another of his unsettling miniatures which he builds and photographs himself.

You can view the making of videos for all of the series covers on my YouTube channel.

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Cover Reveal: The Survival Pact by Christy Sloat

The Survival PactThree friends. One promise. One goal. Survive.

Kami thought she’d seen it all as a small time reporter for a New York Paper, but after hearing reports of the dead crawling from graves and attacking humans, she realized the world she once knew would never be the same again.

Forced to flee the city, she heads south where her two best friends Emma and Lou reside in search of answers. As a drunken joke ten years earlier, the three friends made a vow that if the world went to hell they’d survive it together, no matter what. With the pact now a reality, they are forced to face a never ending tidal wave of the dead, tornadoes, earthquakes, and massive storms with hundreds of miles to go. Along with their new dog, Snack, the girls get closer to their destination but no closer to answers as to why their world is filled with such evil.

Will their plan of survival keep them alive or will they drown in the sea of the dead?

The Survival Pact releases February 17th 2017 from CHBB Publishing.

Christy SloatBest selling author Christy Sloat currently resides in New Jersey with her husband, two daughters and Sophie her Chihuahua. When you don’t find Christy within the pages of a book you can find her being mommy, wife, crafter, and dear friend. She loves adventurous journeys with her friends and can be known to get lost inside a bookstore.

You can find out more about her and her books at:
Amazon | Goodreads | Facebook | Blog | Twitter | Instagram

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Cover Reveal: Misha Gerrick’s Endless

Misha GerrickMisha Gerrick lives near Cape Town, South Africa, and can usually be found staring at her surroundings while figuring out her next book.

If you’d like to see what Misha’s up to at the moment, you can find her on these social networks:

Tumblr | Twitter | Google Plus | Writing Blog

Endless by Misha GerrickAbout Endless

“First, do no harm.” Blake Ryan swore that oath to become a doctor. Ironic, given that he spent most of his thousand year life sucking souls out of other immortals.

Things are different now. Using regular shots of morphine to keep his inner monster at bay, Ryan has led a quiet life since the Second World War. His thrills now come from saving lives, not taking them.

Until a plane crash brings Aleria into his hospital. Her life is vibrant. Crack to predators like him. She’s the exact sort of person they would hunt, and thanks to a severe case of amnesia, she’s all but defenseless.

Leaving Aleria vulnerable isn’t an option, but protecting her means unleashing his own inner monster. Which is a problem, because his inner monster wants her dead most of all.

Endless is due for release on April 30th 2016. Pre-order it now:
Amazon US | Amazon Universal | Apple | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Goodreads


This had to be what dying felt like. Floating outside my body, waiting for that final link to my life to be severed, only vaguely aware of indescribable pain. More screams than I could count rose up around me. Hundreds of footsteps beat against tiles. I couldn’t open my eyes if I wanted to. Not when it was easier to listen and wait. People shouted for a doctor or an IV, or a thousand other things that made no sense. I listened to all the chaos, trying to untangle it in my thoughts.

Soon, I could go. The peace around me was so relaxing, completely out of place in the clamor I heard. I wanted it. To rest forever in that peace. Why not? There was a very good reason, but I couldn’t call it to mind.

A numb buzz shot through my body and shattered my serenity.

It happened again. Only this time was more of a sharp pulse. The third time jolted like lightning. The fourth…Hell. Suddenly, the screams were coming from me. My heart’s relentless thundering added to my torment.



My chest burned like fire. It hurt to breathe. Cold air drove down my throat and into my lungs, amplifying the inferno in my chest. My skin felt scorched. It couldn’t be. It wasn’t right.

I had to see. I had to understand why pain dominated my existence like this. My eyes were fused shut. My breaths grew shallow, trying to draw air when there was none. I tried to clench my teeth. I bit hard plastic. A pipe. Cold air suddenly forced back into my lungs, out of time with my own breathing. This was wrong. It wasn’t safe. I had to see. The best I got was a little fluttering of my lashes.

A high-pitched beep shot through my head. It repeated again and again. I wanted to reach over and slam my fist into its source. My arm wouldn’t lift. Something kept it trapped. A scream rose up from the depths of my soul, but the pipe jammed inside my throat stifled the sound. I only managed a whimper, trying my best not to gag. More air blasted into my lungs against my will. What was going on? I was trapped in my own body, but why?

I needed to move. I had to move. Now. Before… Even… Even though… Panic gripped me. The beeps increased at a frenetic pace. I needed to move. To be gone. Didn’t matter where. Just not here. Not defenseless. Not trapped.

The air sucked out of my lungs. I gasped, choking on nothing, strangled by invisible fingers. I tried to convulse my body. To twist myself free of what’s holding me.


The air rushed back in a cold flood. Seconds later it left, only to return in the same amount of time.

There was a rhythm to the air. In… out… in… out… The breaths were slow—sleep-like. I concentrated on this rhythm, striving to clear my head. If I wanted out, I needed to think. Calmly. Clearly. Eventually, those irritating beeps slowed. I tried to focus past the sound.

Voices buzzed about me, adding to my need to see, to do something to protect myself. No one seemed to pay attention to me. Good. I could use that to my advantage.

I centered my every thought on moving my little finger. It finally jerked, but collided against something solid. So the thing trapping my arm was physical and too heavy for me to lift. It was better to be trapped than paralyzed. With luck I could escape my restraints. I tried my other hand, but it was cemented stuck as well. Right leg. Left leg. Damn it! Both trapped. I had to move!


No, I needed to stay calm. I tried to make larger movements, biting the pipe in my mouth against the urge to scream in pain. There was no wiggle room.

Fearing that I might be blindfolded, I focused on blinking. It worked. My eyes opened and the blur faded, revealing ceiling tiles. Why would there be tiles? Where was the canvas of hospital tents? The distant sounds of bombs dropping? The power of their explosions rushing through my blood?

No. That wasn’t right. I wasn’t there.

Where was I, then?

Blog Hop, Got Goals?

Five Year Project: It’s All Official Now

Five Year Project: Do You Have Goals?Last month I was deep in edits, preparing The Matching to go out to beta readers. It went out to them early this month, and I’m now working on some very big changes based on some of that feedback.

But it’s all becoming very real now. When you’re head down at your computer, tapping away, all absorbed within your own little world, it’s yours. It’s a personal endeavour, a private space, a secret relationship between you and your characters. But there comes a moment when it’s all suddenly open, revealed to the world. And suddenly, you’re accountable. You can’t keep tweaking and editing and rewriting forever.

And The Matching has become very official. It has a cover. And there’s little that makes a book feel more real than that. I officially revealed the cover this week, so now, well, there’s no going back.

The Matching Coming Soon

There are other ways I make myself accountable, urge myself onwards. I’ve put the book up on Goodreads, along with an expected publication date. Of course, the next step will be the pre-order, and there’s serious consequences if you back out of that one.

So, that’s that. It’s all official now. I really do actually have to do this.

I can’t wait!

If you want to visit the other blogs in this blog hop, or fancy signing up yourself, check out the linky list here:

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Cover Reveal: The Matching

The Matching is the second book in The Paper Duchess series, and continues the story of Maeve and the struggles of her new allies in the dystopian and oppressive city of Falside.

The Matching switches focus to two of the smaller characters from book 1, The Bottle Stopper, telling the story of Tale and Freda. Tale is the editor of Asteria, the resistance’s illegal newsletter, and Freda risks everything by arranging dangerous, and sometimes lethal, passage out of the city for desperate women. In The Matching, Tale and Freda find themselves to be the desperate women.

Designed and created by Ben Farrow, the cover once again features a miniature built and photographed by Ben. And here it is:

The Matching

The Blurb:

“There was a time when a girl’s wedding day was the happiest day of her life.”

In Falside, girls are a rare commodity; protected, controlled, and tracked by the administration. They spend their days idly waiting to be married off to the highest bidder.

When the marriage announcements include Tale’s lover, Freda, the women will do anything to stop the match from happening.

Their relationship is forbidden, and as members of the resistance, they’re already risking everything.

But as their attempts to stop the wedding fail, both women have to decide what they’re willing to sacrifice for love.

All going well, the ebook should be ready for release at the end of April/beginning of May, with the paperback version to follow a few weeks later.