Poisonmarch Series

While We Were WaitingWhile We Were Waiting

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Some truths are better left unknown…

Within just two years, more than five billion people disappeared, leaving no trace behind. When her parents vanish, Leanne clings to hope and waits for them to come home, all the while worrying she’s losing her brother to a local gang.

When a missing girl returns, Leanne sees her chance to get some answers. But as the world unravels around her, it releases horrors that were best kept hidden.

And she’s not the only one wanting to know. Can they stay ahead of those who will kill for the truth, and survive to face a future they can’t even imagine?

After: A Post Apocalyptic Story CollectionAfter: A Post Apocalyptic Story Collection

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The end has already come. This is what followed.

People began to disappear. The first few could be explained away, but as the missing posters began to plaster every wall, every fence, every lamp post, they became impossible to ignore.

For those left behind, it was a matter of survival. Some opted out, unable to find a place for themselves in this new world. Others struggled on, trying their best to reclaim the lives they once had. And some people thrived.

This is a collection of their stories. The survivers, the deserted. Those still clinging to hope, and those who have abandoned it.