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Got Goals? Time to Breathe

Big Goals BloghopI feel like I should be saying that September’s been a crazy month, but I really can’t. It saw a quiet release of While We Were Waiting (which, of course, was as hectic as any release is), but I really feel like this month has been more about taking a breath. I needed it. I really did.

I’ve been making big, positive changes in my life and business, and let go of a lot of stuff that wasn’t serving me. We did a major declutter of the house, getting rid of stuff that we’ve been carrying for up to 10 years, moved from house to house to house with. And I feel so much lighter in myself. We’ve still got a lot more decluttering to go, but the majority of it is done.

Which means I have my beautiful desk back. I’ve moved, having, finally, resigned myself to the fact that my office really is served better as my husband’s. I’m set up in a beautifully sunny corner of our bedroom, and I’m quite happy. I really needed this, after more than a year working at the family dining table. Jostling for space with homework and toys.

And I’ve also been decluttering my business, and my finances, and I’m happy. I’m happy to let things go that I was clinging on to for no other reason than habit.

So, yeah, after a difficult summer, September has been me taking a breath. Taking stock. Working out what I really want. And that’s more valuable than anything.

How did you do with your September goals? Join the Got Goals? Bloghop here.

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