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Got Goals? Pretty Much There

Big Goals BloghopOver the past month I’ve finished writing The Mothers, I’ve edited it, I’ve sent it to beta readers, and finalised the cover and blurb. So we’re pretty much there and ready for an October release.

It’s really quite monumental: the last book of my first ever series.

But, as with all endings, it’s also a beginning as I’ve already started on my next series. Fun, fun, and busy, busy!

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8 thoughts on “Got Goals? Pretty Much There”

  1. Hi, I’m Jim Friel. I live in Indiana. I received your free book, but haven’t started it yet. When I read your email and saw Rothfuss, Barker and King it might have moved your book up the list of to read. I’ll put it on the list right below Rothfuss’ next day at the inn. (When’s your best guess)?

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