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Got Goals? High and Lows

Big Goals BloghopReading my post from last month, I was full of excited energy, and feeling really positive about things. It’s bittersweet reading that now, because the mood has changed to a far more sunken one. That’s the thing about this writing game; it’s full of ups and downs. And June has definitely been that!

I had hoped to have finished writing While We Were Waiting by now, but it has been very slow-going, and I’m not there yet. So, I’ve signed up for another dose of Camp NaNoWriMo through July, so that I can use the NaNo effect to get this thing done. Because, there is nothing quite like the NaNo effect to get the words out!

On some better notes, I received a very exciting email (that, I’m afraid, I’m not allowed to talk about yet) that has allowed me to cross one of the things off my author bucket list. So, the beginning of the month had me happy dancing all over the place!

I’ve also finally launched my podcast. I’d been sitting on that plan for far too long, always finding excuses not to do it. But, last Tuesday, I finally sat down and recorded my first episode. It’s called The Great Western Woods (Narnia reference!) and it’s all about worldbuilding. Check it out here. Alongside that, I’ve started a related project which I’m moving forward with, albeit slowly.

To be honest, I think I’m pulling in too many different directions right now; doing a bit of this, a bit of that, some of the other. I need to focus on less, but all these new ideas keep popping up and demanding attention. I’ll get there.

Did you manage to hit your goals for June? Join the Got Goals? Bloghop here.

8 thoughts on “Got Goals? High and Lows”

  1. Hi Angeline,
    Do not let failure to meet goals get you down – a goal is where you want to aim, but remember that not all attempts succeed in scoring! It is fine if you need to be realistic and adjust deadlines – especially if it is because of everyday family issues – remember that in all things, your family take precedence over employment (no matter how much you enjoy your employment, no-one ever used the epitaph “I wish I’d spent more time in the office”!). You ‘will’ get ‘there’ 😉

  2. I’m sorry that you’re hitting a bit of a down right now.

    What about you and I share a cabin in July? I really have to get some of my editing done, and the accountability from a known writing buddy might be a good thing.

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