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Got Goals? Feeling the Heat

Big Goals BloghopLast month, I didn’t post a Got Goals? blog post. And I’ll tell you why: just two hours into the start of the summer holidays, my two year old son had a nasty fall and broke his femur. He’s still in a plaster cast now, and will be for another three weeks. Which means life can’t go back to normal until then. Not completely.

And the summer has been tough. Really tough. All of our plans had to change, and I faced a summer of entertaining a toddler who can hardly do anything (beach is out, playpark is out, most things are out), while saving my five year old from losing out on his summer holidays too. It was hard. There have been tears and meltdowns, and all of them from me. But, I’m not going to go on about that. If you’re interested, you can read all about my adventures with that here.

While We Were WaitingSo, let’s get back to the writing. July was Camp NaNoWriMo which, against all odds, I managed to complete to my set target of 25k. I finished writing While We Were Waiting, and moved onto starting my following book, The Notary of Gotliss Street. While We Were Waiting was subsequently edited (slowly), and sent out to beta readers, and will be released on September 18th. A month later than I’d originally planned, but there you go. I can’t control everything, and I need to learn that.

Other than that, the summer has been a bit of a bust, with me missing goals all over the place. But I can forgive myself for that, and I learnt a lot from it, about my limits, my time management, and what happens if I push myself too hard. Next summer will be entirely different, because I’ve learnt my lessons this year.

So, what’s in store for September? Obviously, the release of While We Were Waiting, which means final edits, dreaded formatting, and the joy of ordering a paperback proof (which, with the merging of KDP and CreateSpace may not go as smoothly as I’d like. We’ll see.) I’ve also been reading ‘Mastering Amazon Ads’ by Brian D Meeks (highly recommended by the way), and I’m hoping to start on that new adventure next month too.

But, it looks like I’ve rambled on enough here, so I’ll sign off now. September’s going to be busy. In fact, the rest of the year looks set to be pretty manic with two literary conventions where I am a guest author. Wish me luck!

How did you do with your August goals? Join the Got Goals? Bloghop here.

8 thoughts on “Got Goals? Feeling the Heat”

  1. I’m sorry to read you had such a tough time. I hope September sees things improving a bit.

    My month went surprisingly well for how hectic it was.

  2. As a fellow mother of two, you have my empathy. My kid hasn’t quite broken any bones (it’s asthma and general breathing issues instead), but juggling everything and the emotional meltdowns… yeah, I feel you there. I hope your little guy heals up quickly.

    1. It’s not easy, is it? He’s healing well, thank you, although we were expecting to say goodbye to the cast yesterday, but instead, it’s another three weeks in plaster. Still, things could be a lot worse. Here’s to a fantastic September!

  3. Yikes! Sorry about the tough time with the kids. That sucks, for you and them.

    Way to go on camp NaNo! Woot woot!

    Time management is a bit annoying, isn’t it?

    I used the KDP for my book’s print version. Seemed fine to me. Best of luck with your book launch!

    1. Time management, with kids, is probably the hardest thing in the world! That’s good to hear about KDP. I’ve seen a few people having major issues, but people are always more likely to complain than to pipe up when they’ve had no issues, aren’t they?

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