50 Postable Content IdeasYou want to be consistent with your newsletters, and you want to keep your social media profiles and blog up to date, but you may not always have big news to share.

Here are 50 postable content ideas that are perfect as social media and blog posts, or to use as newsletter content.

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How to Survive Working From Home with Preschool Children

How to Survive Working From Home with Preschool ChildrenAvailable from: Amazon | Other Retailers

What can you do while holding a baby? Me? I can butter toast. Oh, and run a business too.

How to Survive Working From Home with Preschool Children takes a light hearted and relateable look at the daily challenges young children introduce to home based businesses, and offers some easy to implement solutions.

From a woman who’s living it every day, and chapters from other work at home parents, this book offers up practical solutions, a whole heap of encouragement, and just enough humour to help you realise what you could achieve.

Because when there’s preschoolers around, none of the usual advice applies.