WIP Wednesday, Writing

WIP Wednesday: Charging Forward

WIP WednesdayYesterday I did some quick calculations in my head, trying to work out the date I needed to finish my first draft of The Visionary for the promised December release. Then I worked out the minimum words I needed to write each day. Then I panicked.

Luckily, mental arithmetic is not my strong point.

Today I used a calculator and realised that, not only is it entirely possible to finish on time, it even gives me some breathing space to either finish early, or (more likely) get ahead because I’ll find it almost impossible to work at weekends.

Anyway, the good news is that my work on The Visionary is absolutely storming ahead today. It’s only just lunchtime and I’ve already exceeded today’s word target. (Ok, so I’m celebrating on day one, and we all know how easy day one is, don’t we?) But I think a positive attitude is important, and by celebrating the little victories, we’re motivated to keep working towards the big victories. That’s my theory anyway.

How’s your WIP going?

The Visionary coming winter 2016

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday: My Muse Hates Me and Wants Me to Suffer

WIP WednesdayFirst thing this morning I was madly plotting out a new story while it was fresh in my brain. It was an idea I’d had during the night.

So many writers have been woken in the middle of the night with a good idea. So many have also learnt the hard way that, despite trying to convince themselves otherwise, they will not remember the idea in the morning. It’s not unusual for writers to keep a notepad next to their bed.

But I wasn’t likely to forget this idea. It left me lying awake, terrified, in the dark. Twice.

My muse hates me, I’ve never been in any doubt about that. She’s never there when I need her, and then demands attention at the most inconvenient times. But this. This was a new low.

I woke from a very, very scary dream; think possessed children with black eyes; and instead of lying there thinking about kittens and candyfloss before attempting to go back to sleep, I found myself plotting the story in my head, and even writing portions of it. So much in fact, that when I did finally get back to sleep, I returned to the dream, and it woke me again.

Yep, my muse hates me. But, to be fair, she did also give me an awesome and terrifying story.