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The Truth is Out There…Hopefully

As a teenager, I was a massive X-Files fan. It was my life. I had all the merchandise, the companion books, a serious case of paranoia, and a big crush on David Duchovny. That show was everything to me.

After the slow demise and final departure of the show (It was dead way before it finished), I sought out Millennium, which Chris Carter also wrote and produced, and it managed to fill an x-shaped hole in my life for a while.

So when they announced the revival show, due to crash-land January 2016, I was a little excited to say the least. Especially with the return of the original cast. (And David Duchovny’s still hot.) But I’m also a little nervous. This really could go one of two ways.

The revival show (of which we’re only being gifted a mere six episodes) has a heck of a lot to live up to. Not only has it got to live up to the original show in its heyday, but it has to live up to our memories of that show – the memories that have been polished and perfected over the years. The memories of our teenage obsessions; a time where everything meant the world to us. An impossible task?

Either way, here’s the official trailer from Fox, and here’s hoping. I want to believe. I really do.