She’s Out, and She’s Not Playing Nice…

It’s release day!

The Visionary“You’re just as weak minded as everyone else. Just as easy to control.”

After generations of freedom from the administration’s rule, the slum women find themselves facing a census. But as officers try to list and tag them, their efforts are met with violent resistance.

Maeve needs to keep Faith safe, and hidden, but she has another demon to battle. Powerful psychic Corinn, the girl nobody wants, is playing deadly games, and no one’s safe from her influence.

Maeve’s learning to fight back, but her powers aren’t the only thing being unlocked, and she doesn’t have long to decide who to trust.

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Cover Reveal: The Visionary

The Visionary

The Visionary is the third book in The Paper Duchess series, and continues the story of Maeve and the struggles of the resistance in the dystopian and oppressive city of Falside.

The Visionary returns to the slums, to reconnect with Maeve and her much-changed life. With the resistance in tatters, everyone is busy fighting their own demons, and Maeve’s comes in the form of a young psychic named Corinn. Maeve finds herself fighting back with the only weapon she has, as she seeks to protect herself and her adopted daughter from enemies on all sides.

Designed and created by Ben Farrow, the cover features another of his unsettling miniatures which he builds and photographs himself.

You can view the making of videos for all of the series covers on my YouTube channel.


This is What Followed… Preorder News

AfterMy first short story collection has gone on preorder on Amazon.

‘After’ is a collection of post apocalyptic shorts, exploring the lives of those left behind after millions of people across the world simply disappear.

The blurb:
The end has already come. This is what followed.

People began to disappear. The first few could be explained away, but as the missing posters began to plaster every wall, every fence, every lamp post, they became impossible to ignore.

For those left behind, it was a matter of survival. Some opted out, unable to find a place for themselves in this new world. Others struggled on, trying their best to reclaim the lives they once had. And some people thrived.

This is a collection of their stories. The survivers, the deserted. Those still clinging to hope, and those who have abandoned it.

You can preorder your copy here.


Pre order: Britain Looks to the Future

Britain Looks to the FutureBritain Looks to the Future: Best of British Independent SciFi Authors is a boxset of eight books (novels and novellas), written by British indie authors, and it’s now available to pre order on Amazon for just 99p/99c. That’s a whole load of SciFi for a very tiny price.

You can pre order your copy here:

The blurb:
Take a trip from the 19th century to the far future, with eight of the best British independent authors of speculative fiction. From Victorian zombies to intergalactic comic capers, near future wars to the human colonisation of space, there’s something for everyone.

The boxset includes my Paper Duchess series opener, The Bottle Stopper.


It’s Release Day!

The MatchingIt’s here! The Matching is out today!

You can grab your copy in either ebook or paperback format, and here are all the links you need:


If you grab yourself a copy of The Matching, thank you so much, and I truly hope you enjoy it. And if you can write me a review on Amazon, or Goodreads, or one of the other sites, even if it’s only a sentence or two, I will be eternally grateful. Reviews are so important, and I really appreciate every single one.

And remember, if you’ve not read The Bottle Stopper yet, you can start the series with a copy absolutely free from Amazon, iTunes, Nook, or Kobo.


Paperback Proof of The Matching

The Matching Paperback ProofMy paperback proof of The Matching arrived today, and it looks fantastic.

Releasing a book is always an amazing experience, especially as I’ve been dreaming of becoming an author since my childhood, but a digital release doesn’t quite live up to holding an actual book in your hand.

I’m hoping to have the paperback checked and put on sale to coincide with the digital release on June 10th. So whether you love your electronic gadgets, or you’re more old school and enjoy the smell of a real book, you’ll be able to continue with the series in just a week’s time. I’ll see you there…