Monday Motivation: Old Habits…

Monday MotivationOne thing a lot of writers struggle with is motivation. Unless writing is your day job, and actually paying your bills, it can be hard to incentivise yourself enough.

The trouble is, writing is hard work, and after a long day at your job, in education, or parenting, hard work is the last thing you feel like doing. Which, really, is fair enough. But the crux of the issue is, of course, that you can’t be a writer if you don’t write.

But I sympathise. It’s far easier to shut down your brain and stare dumbly at the TV, or mooch around on social media, or watch endless videos of dogs on skateboards or cats playing the piano. It’s so much harder to actually think, and create, and breathe life into something.

We’ve all heard the advice about distractionless writing. Turn off the TV! Turn off the internet! Turn off your phone! I’ve even given that same advice to others. But it’s far harder to follow. I’ll put an old, favourite movie on, one I’ve seen a hundred times, and I’ll tell myself I won’t actually watch it, that it’s just for background noise. Or I’ll tell myself I’ll just keep the internet open for research, or finding names, or checking word definitions. But it’s all distractions, and it all nibbles away at your motivation.

Today I’ve written double my daily wordcount target. I’ve been focussed, motivated, and unwavering in my desire to write. I’ve pushed the story forward, developed characters, and revealed plot points like an absolute trooper.

And why?

Because there’s a fault at our local telephone exchange so we’ve had no broadband.

Monday Motivation: Unexpected Opportunities

Monday MotivationIsn’t it funny the way that opportunities seem to be more likely to present themselves when you’re not looking for them? Like luck, love, buses.

My husband was chatting about me to a guy he’s been working with recently, a guy whose wife happens to be something of a voracious reader. She downloaded The Bottle Stopper, read it in just a few days, and then went on to buy the next book in the series; The Matching. She’s now looking forward to book three’s release.

In the same vein, I was talking to someone this morning, someone from my personal life and completely unrelated to my writing, and they had a proposal for me. A ghost writing opportunity. Completely out of the blue, but I’m really excited about it.

So the lesson is this: talk to people, be open to opportunities, and say yes, even when they take you by surprise.