Angeline TrevenaI was born and bred in a rural corner of Devon, but now live among the breweries and canals of central England. I am a horror and fantasy author, poet, and journalist.

In 2003 I graduated from Edge Hill University, Lancashire, with a BA Hons degree in Drama and Writing. During this time I decided that my future lay in writing words rather than performing them.

The most unlikely of horror writers, I’m scared of just about everything, and still can’t sleep in a fully dark room. I go weak at the sight of blood, can’t share a room with a spider, but do have a streak of evil in me somewhere.

Some years ago I worked at an antique auction house and religiously checked every wardrobe that came in to see if Narnia was in the back of it. I’ve still not given up looking for it.

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I also write for horror blog The Horror Tree, and write reviews for cultural magazine Vulture Hound.




  • While We Were Waiting: Poisonmarch Book 2 (Bogus Caller Press, Sept 2018)
  • The Sister: The Memory Trader Book 2 (Bogus Caller Press, May 2018)
  • The Smudger: The Memory Trader Book 1 (Bogus Caller Press, Feb 2018)
  • The Mothers: The Paper Duchess Book 4 (Bogus Caller Press, Oct 2017)
  • After: A Post Apocalyptic Story Collection: Poisonmarch Book 1 (Bogus Caller Press, Mar 2017)
  • The Visionary: The Paper Duchess Book 3 (Bogus Caller Press, Feb 2017)
  • The Matching: The Paper Duchess Book 2 (Bogus Caller Press, June 2016)
  • The Bottle Stopper: The Paper Duchess book 1 (Bogus Caller Press, Oct 2015)
  • Cutting the Bloodline (Bogus Caller Press, May 2015)


  • The Notary of Gotliss Street (Bogus Caller Press)
  • The Memory Trader Book 3 (Bogus Caller Press)

Short Stories:

  • Rock-a-Bye in Dark Voices (LVP Publications, Aug 2018)
  • Nothing is Sacred in Glimpse: A New World (HJLawson, Aug 2016)
  • Order Up in Sunny, With a Chance of Zombies (KnightWatch Press, June 2015)
  • The Snow in May in Ghosts: Revenge (James Ward Kirk Fiction, March 2015)
  • Losing Ashley in Magical: An Anthology of Fantasy, Fairy Tales, and Other Magical Fiction (Kelly Ann Jacobson, Nov 2014)
  • Husks in Dead Harvest (Scarlet Galleon Publications, Oct 2014)
  • Amy in Schlock! Bi-Monthly: Issue 7 (Schlock! Publications, Oct 2014)
  • Amy in Schlock! Webzine: Volume 6, Issue 23 (Schlock! Publications, Aug 2014)
  • Killing Ghosts in Potatoes (KnightWatch Press, July 2014)
  • I’ll Watch Over You in A Chimerical World: Tales of the Unseelie Court (Seventh Star Press, Feb 2014)
  • Oakwood in The Sirens Call: Issue 13 (Sirens Call Publications, Feb 2014)
  • No Smoke Without Fire in Tales of the Undead: Suffer Eternal: Volume II (Horrified Press, May 2013)
  • Being Superhuman in Fifty Shades of Decay (Angelic Knight Press, Feb 2013)
  • Charmpeak House in FEAR: A Modern Anthology of Horror and Terror: Volume Two (Crooked Cat Publishing, Sept 2012)
  • The Vincent Orphanage in The Mirador Fantasmagoria (Mirador Publishing, Jan 2011)

Non Fiction:

  • How to Survive Working From Home with Preschool Children (Bogus Caller Press, Oct 2016)
  • Interview: The Schlocking Truth in Schlock! Webzine: Volume 8, Issue 2 (Schlock! Publications, May 2015)
  • Waiting It Out in The Insecure Writer’s Support Group to Publishing and Beyond (Dancing Lemur Press, Nov 2014)
  • Interview: Where the Horror Happens with Angeline Trevena in Sanitarium Magazine: Issue 10 (Eye Trauma Press, Dec 2013)